Case Study: Measham Brick Works

Works finally got underway at Forterra brick works kiln at Measham where the Argon team were contracted to install a new Medium pressure gas main, service including a new gas meter rig.

The team excavated on an existing 180mm medium pressure parent main making a live gas connection by means of installing a specialist radius plus 180 by 150 branch saddle connection. The team then laid went on to lay Install approximately 610 meters of 250mm MDPE main and service to rise above ground in an existing concrete meter base on the Measham site and kiosk and terminate with a 200mm emergency control valve. Transco approved coded welders provided on site fabrication and installation of 200mm steel pipework within the kiosk area ready for the meter rig installation. The works were completed with the installation and commissioning of a MP270 twin steam c/w bypass and G1600 turbine meter module.