Multi-Utility Installations

Argon Utility Solutions now offer a comprehensive Multi-Utility connections service, offering connections for gas, electricity and water covering both domestic and commercial/industrial markets. With our “One Stop Shop” approach we will eliminate your need to deal with multiple networks and stats. Our sole aim is to facilitate and manage our client’s utility design conception through to the installation of a robust future proofed solution. Through our expertise and industry knowledge we add value to our clients project delivery team, our streamlined project management skills, customer service and expertise which is which our business is founded gives cost and time saving benefits to our clients taking all the stress and strain out of dealing with the networks in a complex arena. These qualities are what our business is founded on and is how we are slowly becoming a leading service provider in Britain’s multi utility sector.

We can offer bespoke solutions to our customers installing utilities within a single multi-utility package delivering multiple benefits ensure your projects are delivered in line with your budget, build programme and health and safety requirements. We have a proven track record with multi utility connections, an arena which is now increasingly in demand by developers across the UK. Our Multi Utility solutions provide a streamlined and cost-effective method of installing utilities on new developments.

At Argon we readily take on the challenge to ensure that works are planned, coordinated and delivered on-time. Using our multi utility installation teams made up of in-house gas and water specialist and experts along with our Independent Connection Provider (ICP) partner who supplies an all-inclusive electrical solution with our WIRS partner for the more complicated water installations and domestic Self Lay we cover the lot.

It’s a well-known fact that dealing with land ownership rights when setting up infrastructure takes a fair bit of time. Associated legal work with land and access rights for utility infrastructure is a common route of delay because it usually involves third party, councils, statutory bodies, landowners and solicitors. Procuring water, gas and electricity through one provider reduces the bureaucracy and paperwork. Having all areas under control will enable you to meet tight deadlines of a big project that involves large investment. One voice, one point of contact, one reporting stream. What’s more, choosing one provider for gas, electricity and water utility connections makes good commercial sense. Our “One Stop Shop” enables main contractors and developers time to focus on the main build knowing the complex installation of the utilities are being managed efficiently.